Leave Earth, Gain some Ground


A quick note on Alfonso Cuarón’s latest film, Gravity. 

The film does not begin on earth – but it does nonetheless immediately establish a sense of ground. Clooney rotates around a space station, and the other actors are fixed firmly to some structurally secure part of the station. We notice immediately that the Effects which occur within the film result not from human actors intervening within their worlds but rather from the effects of objects (whose causes are unknown) within an interstitial gravitational field. This is a significant departure for film studies and it invites us to rethink the ground upon which we walk.

I borrow a few words from Levi Bryant’s piece (appearing in the next issue of Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies):

[…] I have chosen to speak of gravity rather than power […] because the concept of power within the world of philosophy and theory has become too…

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