Star Studies: Scarlett Johansson

As I prepare my book chapter on Johansson (for an edited collection dedicated to the actress), I can’t help but swoon when I watch her various roles and hear her occasional semi-inspiring words (while knowingly getting mocked over them – see the comments in the below). Her recent interview also helps me fall deeper into my recurring daydream of bumping into her on the street and striking up conversation.
Perhaps I could somehow send her my essay? Nothing says “I’m into you” like an academic essay that only well-read folks in film theory could understand.
Indeed, what is the relationship between the study of a star and the author themselves? Christian Metz advised that film-philosophers should remove themselves from their love of cinema when penning their studies. Yet, Johansson’s interview doesn’t help this star-struck author.
I remember the star making similar comments about relationships a few years ago. Do I have a long-standing interest in Johansson because of her romantic views, or does my academic and cinephilic appreciation of her precede our (somewhat) shared approach to non-traditional relationships?

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