The French Impressionist concept of photogénie was fashioned to evoke that which was inarticulable yet specific to the filmic experience. Its unspeakability is no doubt linked to the desire to make it a corporeal experience, a matter of touching, feeling, tasting, as well as seeing…. Photogénie is usually referred to as one of the earliest examples of cinéphilia, a love of cinema that insists upon its uniqueness and its ability to induce a form of incomparable ecstasy. – Mary Ann Doane, “The Close-Up: Scale and Detail in the Cinema”

In this blog:

1) Introductions and reviews from recent film screenings and series I’ve programmed;

2) Ideas, thoughts, drafts, and problems in my current Ph.D. work in New Extreme film;

3) Any other issues, concerns, and praise for cinema.

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